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Jason and his family are missionaries to Cuba and have been serving since 2008.

Jason Frenn

Juan Carlos and his family are missionaries to Japan and have been serving as church planters since 1994.

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Lauren is a missionary to Thailand, where she teaches English to students and shares the word of God. She is also a part of Take5 Ministries, which is a church planting ministry.

Lauren Becker

Andy and his family serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua Ne Guinea.

Andy Campbell

Adam and his family serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua Ne Guinea.

Adam Boyd

Eva is a missionary to Guadalajara, Mexico with Latin America Child Care.

Eva Valdez
Eva Valdez

Ann has been serving as an Ordained Minister alongside Pastors and Leaders in Ireland since 1993.

Ann Dimond

Robert and his family take part in helping with Latin America Childcare, Teen Challenge & the Assemblies of God university in El Salvador.

Robert Bueno

The Taylors have been missionaries to the Phillipines since 2015. They run a college scholarship and leadership program to the unreached.

Troy & Cita Taylor

Gilbert and his wife, Virgina wokr together to develop resources for the local church in Argentina.

Gilbert Contreras

Jordan and Ryan work alongside Mission One Eleven, specifically in the are of Nepal.

Jordan & Ryan Carillo

Benjamin and his wife are Missionaries to The Republic of the Congo.

Benjamin Dunlap

Noemi is a missionary associate for "On the Red Box" ministries in Madrid, Spain.

Noemi Tovar

Tamara works full time with Mission One Eleven, based out of Covina, California. She helps young adults in the missions movement. 

Colleen and her husband work with Chi Alpha on the campus of UCSB.

Colleen Severson

Wayne is a Missionary to India with Calcutta Mercy Ministries.

Wayne Francis
Tamara Gutel

More Missionaries to be added soon

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