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Current Plan for Sunday Services

  • Continue to livestream service at 10 am

  • Organize host homes for Watch Parties of the livestream service at 10 am


  • Begin in-person services inside our building with the option to watch the service form several overflow rooms, including an outside canopy for those who would prefer to nor be inside.


In-Person Services:

  • Our services will now be held inside our Sanctuary. We will design them as family services and will encourage people to practice social distancing.

  • We have set up the chairs in our church according to current social distancing guidelines, masks, and be prepared to keep six feet of distance between yourself and anyone not blood-related.

  • Children’s ministry will provide wiggle bags for children, but there will be no classes or groups for kids.

  • These services will have to be limited to a certain number capacity. Once we reach our total capacity in the Sanctuary, you will have the option to watch our live service from any of our overflow spaces.

Host Home Watch Parties:

  • Watch Parties are ideal for those who want community but in a smaller setting.

  • You are encouraged to gather with people who are in your quarantine circle or who you are comfortable social distancing with.

  • Send us an email here if you're interested in opening your home to host a Watch Party.

  • If you would like us to help you find a Watch Party to join, send us an email here.

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